Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: 2016's Finest Android Phones


It utilized to be that the first major occasion in the mobile industry calendar corresponded quite nicely with the start of the year - CES in January. In the last couple of years significant mobile makers have left this massive conference to be controlled by other types of consumer electronics, instead focusing their attention on Mobile World Congress which takes place towards the end of February and into the start of March. This year was no exception, but it was quite a launch pad for some major devices, as both Samsung and LG revealed some extraordinary flagships simply a day ahead of the exposition kick-off, with the Galaxy S7 series (Galaxy S7 AND Galaxy S7 edge) and the LG G5.

At the time this trio of premium-grade gadgets had only each other and Apple's iPhone Sixes series (launched the previous September) to compete with. Versus the LG G5's dual-camera design, removable battery cell and modular component features, the Samsung Galaxy S7 loaded the very best display on the market and a waterproof bodyshell.

But we're now in May 2016, with the impending arrival of a new crop of devices from Motorola, OnePlus, as well as Google on the not-too-distant horizon. In the meantime we have seen a pretty capable offering from HTC in the HTC 10, but a somewhat unexpected heavy-hitter originated from Chinese firm Huawei; unwrapping the Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus. Like the LG G5, this duo is fitted with a dual-camera sensor; however this one is elegant in its own way and what's more was co-developed by Leica. Integrated with a premium metal integrate in a streamlined bodyshell, and together with the firm's remarkable Kirin processor, there's plenty here for Samsung to take seriously.

Just how does the Huawei P9 compare to the Samsung Galaxy S7? We have a look to find out
Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs
Here s the specs for the Huawei P9:

Display: 5.2 in screen with a 1920 1080-pixel resolution at 423ppi

Dimensions: 145mm x 70.9 mm x 6.95 mm

Weight: 144 grams

Storage: 32 or 64, plus support for microSD cards approximately 128GB

Memory: 3 or 4 GB RAM

Processors: Kirin 955 2.5 GHz 64-bit ARM-based processor

Front cam: 8 MP with laser car focus

Rear electronic camera: Dual 12 MP with laser automobile focus

Battery life: 3000 mAh

Colors: Rose Gold, Prestige Gold, Titanium Grey and Mystic Silver

And here s the specifications for the Galaxy S7:

Show: 5.1 in screen with a 2560 1440-pixel resolution at 577ppi

Dimensions: 142.4 mm x 69.6 mm x 7.9 mm

Weight: 152 grams

Storage: 32 or 64, plus support for microSD cards approximately 200GB

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Processors: Samsung Exynos 8890

Front video camera: 5 MP

Rear electronic camera: 12 MP, f/1.7 aperture, 4K video

Battery life: 3000 mAh

Colors: Dark Grey or Gold

Each phone likewise supports storage expansion via the microSD card slot; the S7 accepts cards up to 200GB in size. The P9 only accepts cards up to 128GB. Technically, the S7 is capable of more storage.

When it pertains to RAM, 4GB is exactly what you get with the S7, no matter what storage size you buy. However, with the P9 if you desire 4GB of RAM you need to shell out for the 64GB storage model. The 32GB P9 just has 3GB of RAM. When it comes to processors, the P9 features Huawei s new Kirin 64-bit processor, which is 100% faster than the processor in the P8. When it comes to the S7, you get Samsung’s Exynos 8890 chipset. Which is better? IN all the real life tests I’ve seen they re about equal.

When it pertains to battery both phones sport 3000 mAh batteries, so anticipate essentially the very same battery life for each gadget.

Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Design & Build

I’m a big fan of the P9 with its precision-engineered aluminum and ceramic body and its excellent choice of color choices. In reality, however, it’s actually tough to compare the body created of flagships nowadays as the majority of feature all-metal or aluminum bodies, as the S7 does.

What is a little bit of a surprise is the P9 is actually 1mm thinner than the S7. That’s surprising because the P9 has the physically larger screen. I guess Huawei utilized the additional surface area to flatten out the internals.

Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Display

We concern the first HUGE distinction in between the two when we talk displays. Yes, the Huawei P9 has the bigger 5.2 in display screen that s versus the 5.1 in screen on the Galaxy S7 however its resolution pales in contrast to the S7 s display screen specs.

The P9 features a 1920 1080 at 423ppi. The S7 hands down has the better display.

Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Cameras

However the P9 strikes back in a BIG WAY when you get to the video camera department. The P9 features a dual-camera Leica lens in its rear video camera. That s right, there are TWO 12MP electronic cameras on the back, causing pictures that approach DSLR quality. The S7 includes a 12MP camera as well, but it s only a single lens electronic camera. No concern about it, you will get MUCH better photos utilizing the P9 s video camera.

When it comes to front facing video cameras, the P9 beats the S7 there too. The P9 has an 8MP front lens, while the S7 is stuck with a 5MP front camera.

Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Verdict

Yeeesh! This is an extremely VERY hard call. In many methods the Galaxy S7 wins: it s got better storage options thanks to the 200GB microSD card assistance, it’s got a MUCH better screen, and it provides 4GB of RAM no matter which storage size you use. However the P9 is incredibly compelling thanks to its new double lens cam system. You pics will be much better than ever thanks to the P9 s video camera.

My recommendations is if video gaming and daily app-usage is the most important thing to you in a phone, choose for the Galaxy S7 over the P9. If photo taking is something you primarily use your mobile phone for, get hold of the P9.

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