Nearpod Raises $9.2 Million to Help Teachers Use Mobile Phones in Direction


Nearpod has actually raised $9.2 million to fund its journey to help teachers finest use mobile innovation in the classroom. If you can t beat them, join them?

"The lessons seem like interactive stories, tasks or mobile online games, generally. They provide instructors a view on student’s proficiency or has a hard time with particular subjects, said

"Giving teachers the power of real-time assessment in class helps they bpick ways to focus their scant time with their students, and exactly what content to provide their students next, one by one or as a collective.

To puts it simply, it helps teachers accomplish a highly-desired kind of tailored learning. Nearpod is already being utilized in thousands of classrooms. Previously in the year, science instructor Joanna Beck wrote a post for ASCD Smartbrief about how she successfully utilizes Nearpod for virtual excursion in the classroom.

"Nearpod ensures students move through a lesson at the instructor s pace. By the end of the lesson, the instructor can print reports to examine student information. Think about utilizing Nearpod Virtual Field Trips to engage students in your next lesson, Beck stated.

Naturally, with any edtech comes a disadvantage. Nearpod’s reliance on either one-to-one efforts or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs has the potential to even more put disadvantaged children and districts at a disadvantage.

Compromising student data, however, is not an issue for this edtech tool.

“Due to personal privacy issues, Nearpod doesn’t store data on students for longer-term analysis, said.





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